Montag, 23. Februar 2015

The 5 min rule

Life is not always easy, sometimes the unexpected happens, your relationship goes south, you get fired, the IRS agent knocks on your door. And it is often difficult to deal with it, you get angry and it feels like the universe hates you, and just only you.
What helps in this case? meditating perhaps, or yoga, or the 5 min rule i read about in michael ellsberg's book: the education of milionairs.
It's actually very simple, everytime you feel angry or betrayed or desperate, let it effect you for just precisley 5 minutes and then focus on your task's and start over.
It may take a while to actually stop after 5 minutes but it is worth it.

Donnerstag, 19. Februar 2015

Why helping others...

I am attending a charity event tonight, we are raising money for katharina who desperetly needs a talking-computer because of her rett-syndrom, it's a crucial
neurodevelopmenal disorder which causes muscle weakness, rigidity, spasticity and increased muscle tone with abnormal posturing of an arm or leg or top part of the body.

Katharina, my heart and thought's are with you, stay as strong as you are now, we love you.

If you have the possibility to help others who needs it, don't hazitate, you're making their
lives so much better, you're giving them the abillity to savor every moment to the fullest.

Dienstag, 17. Februar 2015

The power of social media marketing

The newspaper ad once was the state of the art marketing tool, you could sell almost everything by writing an ad in your local newspaper.
Then, not so long ago, the tv-commercial was the marketing tool to go with, but, there is a new sherif in town.
His name is, social media. Since te invention of social media plattforms, marketers have a new battleground and a very powerful one. It cost's nothing to set up a site on facebook, twitter or youtube and it cost's almost the same to attract traffic to your site, why almost?
Because there is the possibility to pay for ads, so your site will appear in the top ranks of every search result on that particular social media plattform.
But be always aware to attract the right audience for your product, it doesn't help if your selling sledgehammer's  and show your ad to woman between 20-29 who are looking for make-up, its very unlikely that one of them is paying attention to your ad.
But if you use your powerful free tool wisely, then you will make a butt load of sell's in almost no time.
You see how powerful it is?

By the way, i am also on social media, visit me on twitter :)
Alexander Kessler

Freitag, 13. Februar 2015

Don't regret.... WIN! ...

Sometimes it seems everything is falling into place and everything you touch turns into gold, but then suddenly you where punched back to the "realworld".
But don't let your fear of getting knocked down keep you from doing things, only if you start projects and pursue idea's you get get rewarded.
The world won't reward you until you get you start doing things that can be rewarded,
Only if you start creating, you will turn on the creative part in your brain, if you do nothing and stay on your couch, you natural born creativity will die.

I once was in the Police academy, and this is like a factory where cops where assambled and shipped, or another way to look at it is, that it is like a military shool.
Don't get me wrong, i am truly proud of the men and woman who serves us and protect us from evil and crime, but it just wasn't the right thing for me, take a look at the rules for example;

Rule #1 don't speak if you wheren't asked.
Rule #2 FIT IN!, don't you dare to be different
Rule #3 do what your told and nothing more

okey, i don't have a problem with rule #1, but when it comes to rule #2, there is a big problem.
I was never one of the mainstream kind of guy's, i always felt different in a way i couldn't explain,
once i cut my hair in a different style, i cut a little bit on the side, but they told me to cut it again or they'r will be consequences, and i just thought .. WTF? what is wrong with my hair? ...
That was the time when my creativitylevel was dropping like a rock from a Baloon at 5000 feet.
And last but not least, my little issue with rule #3, i am a person who is going the X-tra mile everytime its possible, and when i see a better, faster, and more comfortable solution to a problem as the one whats already taught me by my teacher, i will do it my way, but something like that isn't working in an enviroment like this.

So what did i do? .. i dropped out, fortunately i failed on an exam i needed to pass, but it woke me up and i started to realize; "alex, you don't really want this job, do you"  and took on a job, a friend told me about, a job in the film industry, which was the best decision i'd ever made in my entire life. I am not saying you schould now quit your job and start in the movie busniness, where 16 hour shifts on 7 days a week are regular, not everyone is made for this, but i know you have a passion you love and you know deep inside your heart you can only be happy when you take the chance to fulfill your dream, then, what the hell you are waiting for!
But be aware of, that it will be a stony path until you reach your goal and you need to focus on reaching that goal of yours every single day, then you will see how ambitious and driven you can be and that's the moment you becoming a successor.

Do it! NOW! or you will regret it later.

Dienstag, 10. Februar 2015

We live in a world without borders...

Sounds a bit like utopia doesn't it? But  it is true, Okay maybe not like you are probably thinking right now.
In the last decade the internet has made the world alot smaller than it used to be, it doesn't matter where your business is located these days, there are no borders in the internet, there is just you, your distributors and your client's.
Today you can take orders from everywhere in the world and you can ship your product to almost any place you need to, so almost every business is a global business.
It's up to you to use the internet, the most profitable marketing device since the invention of marketing, to your personal advantage.
The only thing you need to make money with the internet is a website, a kick-ass product and a post office and you can start advirtising, selling and making money.
You can write a blog, on a weekly basis for example, where you can post how your product is going to help your customers, you can use google adwords to push the number of possible client's which means you make more money.
Don't miss this awesome opportunity

Sonntag, 8. Februar 2015

Read or not to read ?... that's the 1 million $ question.

And the answer is quite simple, read!
There are so many very good books about success out there, but also many boks you can trash right away.
So i took the opportunity and wrote a list of books i highly reccomend and i can tell you, they work! Every single one of them work's and will bring you faster to success.
Over the next few days i will present you some of the most valuable books on the market.

The first book is "The education of millionairs" written by micheal ellsberg.
The thing about this book is, that every technique micheal teaches us in this book, he had tried out on his own life, with his whole carreer on the table.
It is a very well written and well researched work of art that will expand your view on marketing and success. The book is based on interviews michael made with high experienced and powerful mentor's and selfmade millionairs and billionairs.
If you can get your hands on, read it, its worth every page and every penny.

Samstag, 7. Februar 2015

Enjoy the little things!

We all need to work hard to be successful, there's no doubt about that, but we also need to restore our energy from time to tim. There are many different way's to do it, one i've already posted before is the 20 min shutdown, if you haven't read it yet then dig in, i will post the link below.
But another way thats also very effective is to take a step back every few day's, and just dedicate this evening to overlook what you have accomplished the last day's and enjoy it, take the night off and go out to enjoy the little things.
And on the next day you will feel regenerated and perhaps even more creative.

This is the link about my 20 min shutdown, enjoy reading :)