Samstag, 31. Januar 2015

College degree, college degree..

If you want to be successful in life, get a college degree.. that is what parents, teachers and society is telling us all day long.
But that's total bullshit, if you want to be successful then start working on that, a college degree is nothing compared to the "street smart's" u need to have to be successful in life.
Okay if your dreamjob is to be a teacher, microbiologist or physicist then you need a college degree but if you want to be successful in sales, or an author or an entrepreneur than you don't need it.
most of the successful entrepreneurs who are millionairs and billionairs today are college dropout's some of them not even seen a college from the inside, but what makes them so successful.
They got real world education and connections, its all about connecting and sharing your experience in the real world.
And if you want to be succesfull, you need to read, you need to read alot and educate yourself.
I recommend "The education of millionairs" by Marc Ellsberg, especially the chapter about "give, give, give".

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Freitag, 30. Januar 2015

Shut up and do what your told.

In the last decade we where taught that we need to fit in. Fit in a system that's invented around the 1900's a system that's today more outdated than ever. But we are sticking to it because its the only way we know and its very scary to sail in uncharted territories, so we swallow the pain and keep on working. I always had the dream to become a famous guitar player and sing, but i didn't had the guts (or the talent) to stand up and say to the system "go to hell" I am stepping out. So I pleased my parents and grandparents. I tried a normal middleclass job, I really tried, I'd became an electrician, but soon I felt that wasn't working for me, I don't liked it very much and the money was not good enough to swallow the pain, so I quit and tried another job.
I joined the police academy, with the same result and suddenly something happens, like a click in my brain and i said to myself, that's enough! This is my life and ill do whatever I want to do with it.
A good friend told me that a local movie production was hiring new drivers for a new movie shoot, so I called them and asked for a job and viola I got it . I have to admit it was quite scary to leave the comfort of monthly steady payment and sail of into a new chapter. A chapter where I need to find a new project every month so i get paid, (movies are usually shot in 8-9 weeks and then,after u got paid they say thank you see u next year) but the payment is quite nice, 600 bugs per week for newbies and up to 2700 bugs per week for skilled crew members. But it is war! You need to stay focused and on top of your game, besides to connect to everyone you meet in this short period of time, because connections = new jobs = more money simple as that. Okay It sounds simple but it is quite hard during an 18 hour workday to connect to people on a human lvl besides the shop talk. But for somehow I managed it and after my first movie my name was already known to some other producers who I didn't know and on my last shooting day of my first movie (a spin off of a local crime tv series) I got a call from another production company who wanted me as a production assistant , which means in real world English : PROMOTION .. I got my first promotion after 8 weeks as a driver-newbie and I was so excited. But what does it mean? Should you now drop everything you worked for so far ? No definitely not, I thought about the decision I made more than 6 month's before I've done it. What it means is, when u feel unhappy in your life so far. Think about what you want to change to be happy again, if it is your job than do it , but keep in mind that every step u make, there is no going back from that and every step includes risks. But risks aren't a bad thing, everything you do involves some sort of risk, even when u cross the street in front of your house, the risk is that someone runs you over. My Dad always said to me, Living is deadly! And when u decide to take that risk than do it right. I'm not gonna lie, if u want to be successful sooner or later you need to take risk's and you need to fight for your success. You have to do it with all your passion or your gonna end up broke.

Take this with you. : Think, decide, do it!

Donnerstag, 29. Januar 2015

The 20min shutdown.

We are living in a racing world! Thats a fact, like the fact that in our fishmac isn't enough real fish to get us poisoned, but that's another story.
In the last decade our life's became so much faster than they used to be. If you are watching the news, you can be a 100% certain that the feed you get right now is already old and the new news are already waiting for you to get sucked in. Its literally a endless cycle and our brain is working overtime to process all the feed it gets from ads, newspapers, windowshopping, twitter, social media, email, and sms on your smartphone. A decade ago you where top informed when u read the news 2 times a day. Now you need to feed yourself 2 times an hour to stay up to date and it became so stressful for our mind to process all that feed so its no wonder that we feel restless and have no goodnight sleep anymore. Think about it, when was the last time you woke up and felt well rested and full of energy like u can start conquer the world right now.
So it becomes more and more valuable for our mind to get some rest. To restore his energy tanks and to process all the data from the day. But how do we do it when we can't even restore the energy we need in an 8-hour sleep. We need to force it. We need to force our mind to shutdown and reboot itself. I am not going to lie about it .. Its very difficult to really learn this technique but its a very, very valuable asset in our weaponry for success.

So, how do we start? It all starts with picking the right time for it, the time is depending on your day ,so everyone has his own "best time". For me, personally it is when my workday ends and my evening begins. But to prepare for this forced shutdown i drink my last coffee at least 2 hours before the shutdown needs to happen, because we all know what caffein does to us. At next i lay down on my couch, brew me a nice cup of tea, dim the lights, shut down my computer, tv, dvr, cellphone (it doesn't hurt to disconnect from the world for 20min) and i close my eyes. I need to say everyone develop his own technique but to shutdown everything around u is essentially for your reboot. Than i drink my tea and enjoy the silence, for exact 20min. Breathe, drink, enjoy! I try to set all thoughts aside (doesn't work every minute, because we are so used to think every possible second of the day, but it works) and after this 20min-shutdown a nice smooth alarm brings me back to life, I got the tweeting birds as my alarm because when u take, lets say Metallica it “backstresses” u in a second and we don't aim for stress. After that i feel so much more powerful than before. So if u feel restless and tired.. Try this technique .. It just cost u 20min of your day, not a cent more. 

Mittwoch, 28. Januar 2015

Why we are still sabotage us and our chances for success.

Chances are playing a big part in everyone's life. We have to deal with it every single day. When we go to work, what are the chances that our boss is in a bad mood?
On the way to the electronic market, what are the chances that the new Laptop is still on stock? What are the chances to win the lottery?
And what are my chances that she will like me, and perhaps one day, even love or marry me .. That brings me to the biggest game of chances in the history of humanity, Dating!.. Imagine you are sitting in your favorite coffee shop and zipping on tall-nonfat-latte with sprinkles on top, and then, suddenly you see this girl, she is sitting right there on the other end of the table and you catch her eye. You have a moment, right there in front of you. And then your brain kicks in and everything is going south. You start to think, should I go over there and talk to her? But what can I possibly say that interest her? And if she's already taken or says no because I'm not her type? Is she willing to go out with me? And if she's going out with me, maybe i'll blew it within the first seconds by making an inappropriate compliment.
You don't know yet. All you know is that the chance of failing is paralyzing you and keep's you from winning a date with a beautiful girl. Your chance in this scenario is a 100% that she's not going out with you but if u walk over the and ask her out you got a 50/50 chance that she will go out with you. 50/50 sounds not so bad at all, doesn't it?
I found myself in exact the same situation once, I saw a beautiful girl at my favorite coffee shop and we had that moment, when both of us catches the other ones eye, so I wrote down my number on a napkin, slipped it over to her, said “i have something for you” and walked away within a second. It took many hours and I started to think it was a failure, right at that moment my phone received a text from her. She wrote, that her name is Petra and she was so stunned that she was unable to say anything, she was overwhelmed by the gut's I had shown that morning. It turned out she was already taken but I count it as a success because we are friends now and I never had the chance of knowing her if I hadn't wrote down my number on that napkin.
Don't be afraid to fail. It happens, even to the best of the best, it happens to the greatest entrepreneurs and CEO's. (some of them started more then 3 businesses until they succeeded.)
Like Seth Godin, one of the most well known entrepreneurs and coaches for success worldwide, ( or Bryan Franklin (,he coaches CEO's and multimillion $ Companies, and he made more than 10$M with his coaching in success, Marketing and sales and everyone of them had failures in there life's but they learned how to take the failure and turn it into an advantage.
Failure is a part of life but it shouldn't prevent you from doing things and trying things. If every men would hesitate to ask a girl out, it would be bad news for humanity and we would be extinct within an blink of an eye.
So, don't let the possible chance of failing throwing you rock's on your path to happyness and don't let the fear of failing prevent u from starting things you want do to. Turn it into your advantage. What do u have to risk by asking her out, you got a 50/50 Chance to get a date with a beautiful girl.
For the Record, there are just 3 possible answers.
The first one is the one you are aiming for;
    1. “Yeah, sure I would like to go out with u.” (Chance of Failure 0%, she already said yes)
2. “I will think about it.” (Chance still 50/50)
3. “Oh I'm sorry I have a boy/girlfriend” (no Success this time BUT its not a total failure, because u asked her, the total failure would be to keep sitting in your chair and zipping your coffee until she walks out and u never see her again.)

So get up and take it in your own hands, make it happen even if you not actually talking to her but slipping her your number on a napkin, chances are still 50/50 to win and even if u loose sometimes, Keep going and you will definitely win.