Freitag, 30. Januar 2015

Shut up and do what your told.

In the last decade we where taught that we need to fit in. Fit in a system that's invented around the 1900's a system that's today more outdated than ever. But we are sticking to it because its the only way we know and its very scary to sail in uncharted territories, so we swallow the pain and keep on working. I always had the dream to become a famous guitar player and sing, but i didn't had the guts (or the talent) to stand up and say to the system "go to hell" I am stepping out. So I pleased my parents and grandparents. I tried a normal middleclass job, I really tried, I'd became an electrician, but soon I felt that wasn't working for me, I don't liked it very much and the money was not good enough to swallow the pain, so I quit and tried another job.
I joined the police academy, with the same result and suddenly something happens, like a click in my brain and i said to myself, that's enough! This is my life and ill do whatever I want to do with it.
A good friend told me that a local movie production was hiring new drivers for a new movie shoot, so I called them and asked for a job and viola I got it . I have to admit it was quite scary to leave the comfort of monthly steady payment and sail of into a new chapter. A chapter where I need to find a new project every month so i get paid, (movies are usually shot in 8-9 weeks and then,after u got paid they say thank you see u next year) but the payment is quite nice, 600 bugs per week for newbies and up to 2700 bugs per week for skilled crew members. But it is war! You need to stay focused and on top of your game, besides to connect to everyone you meet in this short period of time, because connections = new jobs = more money simple as that. Okay It sounds simple but it is quite hard during an 18 hour workday to connect to people on a human lvl besides the shop talk. But for somehow I managed it and after my first movie my name was already known to some other producers who I didn't know and on my last shooting day of my first movie (a spin off of a local crime tv series) I got a call from another production company who wanted me as a production assistant , which means in real world English : PROMOTION .. I got my first promotion after 8 weeks as a driver-newbie and I was so excited. But what does it mean? Should you now drop everything you worked for so far ? No definitely not, I thought about the decision I made more than 6 month's before I've done it. What it means is, when u feel unhappy in your life so far. Think about what you want to change to be happy again, if it is your job than do it , but keep in mind that every step u make, there is no going back from that and every step includes risks. But risks aren't a bad thing, everything you do involves some sort of risk, even when u cross the street in front of your house, the risk is that someone runs you over. My Dad always said to me, Living is deadly! And when u decide to take that risk than do it right. I'm not gonna lie, if u want to be successful sooner or later you need to take risk's and you need to fight for your success. You have to do it with all your passion or your gonna end up broke.

Take this with you. : Think, decide, do it!

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