Mittwoch, 28. Januar 2015

Why we are still sabotage us and our chances for success.

Chances are playing a big part in everyone's life. We have to deal with it every single day. When we go to work, what are the chances that our boss is in a bad mood?
On the way to the electronic market, what are the chances that the new Laptop is still on stock? What are the chances to win the lottery?
And what are my chances that she will like me, and perhaps one day, even love or marry me .. That brings me to the biggest game of chances in the history of humanity, Dating!.. Imagine you are sitting in your favorite coffee shop and zipping on tall-nonfat-latte with sprinkles on top, and then, suddenly you see this girl, she is sitting right there on the other end of the table and you catch her eye. You have a moment, right there in front of you. And then your brain kicks in and everything is going south. You start to think, should I go over there and talk to her? But what can I possibly say that interest her? And if she's already taken or says no because I'm not her type? Is she willing to go out with me? And if she's going out with me, maybe i'll blew it within the first seconds by making an inappropriate compliment.
You don't know yet. All you know is that the chance of failing is paralyzing you and keep's you from winning a date with a beautiful girl. Your chance in this scenario is a 100% that she's not going out with you but if u walk over the and ask her out you got a 50/50 chance that she will go out with you. 50/50 sounds not so bad at all, doesn't it?
I found myself in exact the same situation once, I saw a beautiful girl at my favorite coffee shop and we had that moment, when both of us catches the other ones eye, so I wrote down my number on a napkin, slipped it over to her, said “i have something for you” and walked away within a second. It took many hours and I started to think it was a failure, right at that moment my phone received a text from her. She wrote, that her name is Petra and she was so stunned that she was unable to say anything, she was overwhelmed by the gut's I had shown that morning. It turned out she was already taken but I count it as a success because we are friends now and I never had the chance of knowing her if I hadn't wrote down my number on that napkin.
Don't be afraid to fail. It happens, even to the best of the best, it happens to the greatest entrepreneurs and CEO's. (some of them started more then 3 businesses until they succeeded.)
Like Seth Godin, one of the most well known entrepreneurs and coaches for success worldwide, ( or Bryan Franklin (,he coaches CEO's and multimillion $ Companies, and he made more than 10$M with his coaching in success, Marketing and sales and everyone of them had failures in there life's but they learned how to take the failure and turn it into an advantage.
Failure is a part of life but it shouldn't prevent you from doing things and trying things. If every men would hesitate to ask a girl out, it would be bad news for humanity and we would be extinct within an blink of an eye.
So, don't let the possible chance of failing throwing you rock's on your path to happyness and don't let the fear of failing prevent u from starting things you want do to. Turn it into your advantage. What do u have to risk by asking her out, you got a 50/50 Chance to get a date with a beautiful girl.
For the Record, there are just 3 possible answers.
The first one is the one you are aiming for;
    1. “Yeah, sure I would like to go out with u.” (Chance of Failure 0%, she already said yes)
2. “I will think about it.” (Chance still 50/50)
3. “Oh I'm sorry I have a boy/girlfriend” (no Success this time BUT its not a total failure, because u asked her, the total failure would be to keep sitting in your chair and zipping your coffee until she walks out and u never see her again.)

So get up and take it in your own hands, make it happen even if you not actually talking to her but slipping her your number on a napkin, chances are still 50/50 to win and even if u loose sometimes, Keep going and you will definitely win.

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