Donnerstag, 29. Januar 2015

The 20min shutdown.

We are living in a racing world! Thats a fact, like the fact that in our fishmac isn't enough real fish to get us poisoned, but that's another story.
In the last decade our life's became so much faster than they used to be. If you are watching the news, you can be a 100% certain that the feed you get right now is already old and the new news are already waiting for you to get sucked in. Its literally a endless cycle and our brain is working overtime to process all the feed it gets from ads, newspapers, windowshopping, twitter, social media, email, and sms on your smartphone. A decade ago you where top informed when u read the news 2 times a day. Now you need to feed yourself 2 times an hour to stay up to date and it became so stressful for our mind to process all that feed so its no wonder that we feel restless and have no goodnight sleep anymore. Think about it, when was the last time you woke up and felt well rested and full of energy like u can start conquer the world right now.
So it becomes more and more valuable for our mind to get some rest. To restore his energy tanks and to process all the data from the day. But how do we do it when we can't even restore the energy we need in an 8-hour sleep. We need to force it. We need to force our mind to shutdown and reboot itself. I am not going to lie about it .. Its very difficult to really learn this technique but its a very, very valuable asset in our weaponry for success.

So, how do we start? It all starts with picking the right time for it, the time is depending on your day ,so everyone has his own "best time". For me, personally it is when my workday ends and my evening begins. But to prepare for this forced shutdown i drink my last coffee at least 2 hours before the shutdown needs to happen, because we all know what caffein does to us. At next i lay down on my couch, brew me a nice cup of tea, dim the lights, shut down my computer, tv, dvr, cellphone (it doesn't hurt to disconnect from the world for 20min) and i close my eyes. I need to say everyone develop his own technique but to shutdown everything around u is essentially for your reboot. Than i drink my tea and enjoy the silence, for exact 20min. Breathe, drink, enjoy! I try to set all thoughts aside (doesn't work every minute, because we are so used to think every possible second of the day, but it works) and after this 20min-shutdown a nice smooth alarm brings me back to life, I got the tweeting birds as my alarm because when u take, lets say Metallica it “backstresses” u in a second and we don't aim for stress. After that i feel so much more powerful than before. So if u feel restless and tired.. Try this technique .. It just cost u 20min of your day, not a cent more. 

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