Montag, 23. Februar 2015

The 5 min rule

Life is not always easy, sometimes the unexpected happens, your relationship goes south, you get fired, the IRS agent knocks on your door. And it is often difficult to deal with it, you get angry and it feels like the universe hates you, and just only you.
What helps in this case? meditating perhaps, or yoga, or the 5 min rule i read about in michael ellsberg's book: the education of milionairs.
It's actually very simple, everytime you feel angry or betrayed or desperate, let it effect you for just precisley 5 minutes and then focus on your task's and start over.
It may take a while to actually stop after 5 minutes but it is worth it.

Donnerstag, 19. Februar 2015

Why helping others...

I am attending a charity event tonight, we are raising money for katharina who desperetly needs a talking-computer because of her rett-syndrom, it's a crucial
neurodevelopmenal disorder which causes muscle weakness, rigidity, spasticity and increased muscle tone with abnormal posturing of an arm or leg or top part of the body.

Katharina, my heart and thought's are with you, stay as strong as you are now, we love you.

If you have the possibility to help others who needs it, don't hazitate, you're making their
lives so much better, you're giving them the abillity to savor every moment to the fullest.

Dienstag, 17. Februar 2015

The power of social media marketing

The newspaper ad once was the state of the art marketing tool, you could sell almost everything by writing an ad in your local newspaper.
Then, not so long ago, the tv-commercial was the marketing tool to go with, but, there is a new sherif in town.
His name is, social media. Since te invention of social media plattforms, marketers have a new battleground and a very powerful one. It cost's nothing to set up a site on facebook, twitter or youtube and it cost's almost the same to attract traffic to your site, why almost?
Because there is the possibility to pay for ads, so your site will appear in the top ranks of every search result on that particular social media plattform.
But be always aware to attract the right audience for your product, it doesn't help if your selling sledgehammer's  and show your ad to woman between 20-29 who are looking for make-up, its very unlikely that one of them is paying attention to your ad.
But if you use your powerful free tool wisely, then you will make a butt load of sell's in almost no time.
You see how powerful it is?

By the way, i am also on social media, visit me on twitter :)
Alexander Kessler

Freitag, 13. Februar 2015

Don't regret.... WIN! ...

Sometimes it seems everything is falling into place and everything you touch turns into gold, but then suddenly you where punched back to the "realworld".
But don't let your fear of getting knocked down keep you from doing things, only if you start projects and pursue idea's you get get rewarded.
The world won't reward you until you get you start doing things that can be rewarded,
Only if you start creating, you will turn on the creative part in your brain, if you do nothing and stay on your couch, you natural born creativity will die.

I once was in the Police academy, and this is like a factory where cops where assambled and shipped, or another way to look at it is, that it is like a military shool.
Don't get me wrong, i am truly proud of the men and woman who serves us and protect us from evil and crime, but it just wasn't the right thing for me, take a look at the rules for example;

Rule #1 don't speak if you wheren't asked.
Rule #2 FIT IN!, don't you dare to be different
Rule #3 do what your told and nothing more

okey, i don't have a problem with rule #1, but when it comes to rule #2, there is a big problem.
I was never one of the mainstream kind of guy's, i always felt different in a way i couldn't explain,
once i cut my hair in a different style, i cut a little bit on the side, but they told me to cut it again or they'r will be consequences, and i just thought .. WTF? what is wrong with my hair? ...
That was the time when my creativitylevel was dropping like a rock from a Baloon at 5000 feet.
And last but not least, my little issue with rule #3, i am a person who is going the X-tra mile everytime its possible, and when i see a better, faster, and more comfortable solution to a problem as the one whats already taught me by my teacher, i will do it my way, but something like that isn't working in an enviroment like this.

So what did i do? .. i dropped out, fortunately i failed on an exam i needed to pass, but it woke me up and i started to realize; "alex, you don't really want this job, do you"  and took on a job, a friend told me about, a job in the film industry, which was the best decision i'd ever made in my entire life. I am not saying you schould now quit your job and start in the movie busniness, where 16 hour shifts on 7 days a week are regular, not everyone is made for this, but i know you have a passion you love and you know deep inside your heart you can only be happy when you take the chance to fulfill your dream, then, what the hell you are waiting for!
But be aware of, that it will be a stony path until you reach your goal and you need to focus on reaching that goal of yours every single day, then you will see how ambitious and driven you can be and that's the moment you becoming a successor.

Do it! NOW! or you will regret it later.

Dienstag, 10. Februar 2015

We live in a world without borders...

Sounds a bit like utopia doesn't it? But  it is true, Okay maybe not like you are probably thinking right now.
In the last decade the internet has made the world alot smaller than it used to be, it doesn't matter where your business is located these days, there are no borders in the internet, there is just you, your distributors and your client's.
Today you can take orders from everywhere in the world and you can ship your product to almost any place you need to, so almost every business is a global business.
It's up to you to use the internet, the most profitable marketing device since the invention of marketing, to your personal advantage.
The only thing you need to make money with the internet is a website, a kick-ass product and a post office and you can start advirtising, selling and making money.
You can write a blog, on a weekly basis for example, where you can post how your product is going to help your customers, you can use google adwords to push the number of possible client's which means you make more money.
Don't miss this awesome opportunity

Sonntag, 8. Februar 2015

Read or not to read ?... that's the 1 million $ question.

And the answer is quite simple, read!
There are so many very good books about success out there, but also many boks you can trash right away.
So i took the opportunity and wrote a list of books i highly reccomend and i can tell you, they work! Every single one of them work's and will bring you faster to success.
Over the next few days i will present you some of the most valuable books on the market.

The first book is "The education of millionairs" written by micheal ellsberg.
The thing about this book is, that every technique micheal teaches us in this book, he had tried out on his own life, with his whole carreer on the table.
It is a very well written and well researched work of art that will expand your view on marketing and success. The book is based on interviews michael made with high experienced and powerful mentor's and selfmade millionairs and billionairs.
If you can get your hands on, read it, its worth every page and every penny.

Samstag, 7. Februar 2015

Enjoy the little things!

We all need to work hard to be successful, there's no doubt about that, but we also need to restore our energy from time to tim. There are many different way's to do it, one i've already posted before is the 20 min shutdown, if you haven't read it yet then dig in, i will post the link below.
But another way thats also very effective is to take a step back every few day's, and just dedicate this evening to overlook what you have accomplished the last day's and enjoy it, take the night off and go out to enjoy the little things.
And on the next day you will feel regenerated and perhaps even more creative.

This is the link about my 20 min shutdown, enjoy reading :)

Freitag, 6. Februar 2015

Why am i doing this...

I've started this blog because i think everyone deserves success in life and i want you, to be part of the journey to success with me.
I am currently working hours to get my program finished for my next seminar, I believe in seminars, because they'r so great to connect with so many inspiring people from all around the globe.
And as soon my program is finished i will post the invitation on my Facebook site, which i will also post in my blog.

I hope to see you in the audience and to connect with you.

Donnerstag, 5. Februar 2015

How i found my path to success

The last few days we've learned alot about business, but there is something that's even more rewarding than a successful business, that thing is called, happyness.
Every business is just as successful as the lvl of happyness of its owner.
A sad salesman will close way less sales as a motivated happy one, a troubled investor is likely to make the wrong decision about at least one of his investments.
So it is crucial to have a base in life.
I've learned it the hard way, after i got fired from my first job as an salesman in a gun store because of the big recession in 2008 everything started to go south, but very slowly so i have not seen it. I took many different job's but nothhing really worked out and i was hitting rock bottom very hard. During this time i earned 263€ per month but in order to live, i needed to spend at least 450€ per month just to survive and pay the rent, i made -187€ per month and i thought i never will break this toxic cycle.
But suddenly, i realized something, i realized that i cannot quit yet, that would be most cowardly thing i can possibly do, i need to fight for my life, if im going down it will be with flying colors, so i started aplying to jobs again.. It took nearly 90 applications but i finaly got the opppertunity to get into a program that would teach me to become an electrician.
I studied 8 hours during the day and additional 4 hours after sunset at home, i needed to pass a new test every 2 weeks, and we've got hundreds of pages to study for each test.
But i made it, i pased every single one of they'r tests and even when they wanted to fire me due to of my motorcycle accident (because i missed so many lessons during my 8 week recovery) i fought for it to stay on the program, so i see no reason, no reason at all, why you couldn't fight for your success too.
You just need to start your journey and i will help you with that, if you let me.

This was the day my race to success began, and i'm still in it.

Mittwoch, 4. Februar 2015

How to create emotional value and make money with it.

Everything you do in life creates some sort of value, even failing creates what i call, negative value.
But most people don't focus on that sort of value, because it seems to be that that's the kind of value what is bad for us, but its quite the contrary, we can only learn from negative value because when you win, you win!
You reached your goal, but when you loose you realize that something hasn't worked right, otherwise you had won. But i don't want to focus in this post on the negative value your get from failing, instead i want to tell you something about the positive value you experience and give everyday.
You give value?
Yes yes do, even in situations you never expect to do so.
Imagine you are in a supermarket and you are waiting in an endless line at the cashier, you see that the girl behind the counter is totally pressured and stressed out to the max.
Now your right in front of her and you just giving her a smile, and now, for a second, the whole pressure she has on her shoulders caused by millions and millions of costumers that day, is gone. And she smiles back at you.
Now you gave her a very valuable gift, after her shift she will go home probably with a smile on her face and will tell her boyfriend how you saved her day.
Now she's the one creating the good kind of value and giving it to her boyfriend.

All that, caused by a simple smile at the cash desk.
That's a kind of value that sells and makes money, its called emotional value, good value, like the smile on the face of your customers and client's, because it will ensure that they'r definitely coming back and buy from you again.
Client's who will come back are the best client's you can possibly have, because they'r free client's you not have to pay for.
Wait a minute! Paying for my client's? I want them to pay ME money.
Yes that's true, BUT ( and this is a pretty big BUT)in order to get someone as your client you need to make some advirtising for your business in the first place and ad's aren't cheap.
For example, lets do a quick math, imagine you are a shoe maker and you don't have a single client yet, so you start a ad in your local newspaper that costs you 500€ for one day.
Now after the ad runs out, you recieved 10 customers in your shop and everyone buy's a pair of nice shoes for 100€, so practically you paid for every costumer in your shop 50€ worth of advirtising up front so they get to know you and pay you 100€ each in return, in form of buying shoes.
That means your profit on every new customer is 50€ instead of 100€, not even slightly compareable to a costumer who's coming back and you will get the whole profit of 100€ from him.
Let's get down to brass tacks, advirtising is important for every business such as it is equally important to keep everyone of you customers coming back.

Dienstag, 3. Februar 2015

How to get the promotion you always wanted!

If you want to be successful and i think you want it more than anything, its important to stand out an you need to be indispensable and go the extra mile, in job as well in your private life.
It doesn't matter If you are working in a corporate job, in a tiny shoeh-store or you have already your own business.
If you want to make a change, or a difference that matters you need to standout, you need to do work that's not in your job description.
Who do you think your boss is giving the promotion you always wanted, your colleague who's just a good worker , always on time and nothing more, or you, who's remarkable, who go the extra mile and get the corporation more and better results.
So the thing is, you need to be indispensable for your company and if you have a business already you need to be outstanding for your client's so they will come back every time they're looking for a new product that you might have and even if you don't have it they will see other things they want and will keep buying.
But how to get remarkable besides doing work that's not in your job description (and if you still think you not want to go the extra mile, .... Quit reading)
Go to events hosted by your company, talk to your boss on such events and get to know him / her better so you can adjust your focus on what he wants from you besides doing your job.
And i don't talk about washing his corporate car...
Maybe he is frustrated about his wife, maybe because he has no wife anymore and you are a relationship master who is married for several years, than you can give him advice on something your are already successful in.
But this is something you must!!! Proceed with highest caution and sensibility, no buddy likes it when someone else starts to giving an uncalled advice on a topic that's painful.
So you need to have at least a little bit of communication skill's, let him come to you, maybe you can direct the conversation in a particular direction.
Do you see where this is heading?
Successful corporate CEO's are mostly struggling in at least one part of they're lives, that's the downside of the success, they're putting all of they're energy into the company, but that's not good for relationships.
And when you give him a solid, valuable advice maybe he brings his new girlfriend to the next event and I can tell you one thing, he will be always grateful to you and your advice and will ask you definitely again on such topic's.

So now you have a head-start. Turn it into your advantage ...

Montag, 2. Februar 2015

earning money from simply knowing people ?

Do you remember the old nokia slogan?
Connecting people ?
In a world like our's, connections are everything, connections are valuable as money or gold.
Because connections lead to new connections, lead to new valuable client's for your business with, you can imagine, lead's to more money. Got it ?
And they are not just giving you new client's, they also give you the opportinity to connect with powerful mentor's who can help you making your business more profitable and teaching you many skill's you need to have to suceed with your business.
To connect to powerful mentor's who are extremly succesful themselves is necessary for your real-world education, because they can teach you things and skill's you will never learn in any school or university.
Iam not going to lie, it isn't easy and definitely not achieved in a single weekend but if you willing to do this, nobody can ever stop you from beeing successful.

In the next few weeks i will tell you everything i know about building your own network of success so you can leave the "nest" and start your own journey to success.

And its still totaly for free, share it with your friends and family.

Sonntag, 1. Februar 2015

Failure is not an option.. or is it?

Failure is not just an option, it's a must feel experience everyone should have in life at least once.
But why? It hurts to fail!
Because your learning more from a fail then you will ever learn from a win, a fail let us think about what we have done and how we could have done it differently, better perhaps.
I failed alot, and when i say alot, i mean more times than i can count, but thats okay because i stood up and tried again, in a different way and i succeded.
Thats how it works, Try, fail, try again, succeed!
always keep going and you will succeed, perhaps not today or tomorrow, but in the future you will definitely!
I know it!
Otherwise you wouldn't read my blog.

Samstag, 31. Januar 2015

College degree, college degree..

If you want to be successful in life, get a college degree.. that is what parents, teachers and society is telling us all day long.
But that's total bullshit, if you want to be successful then start working on that, a college degree is nothing compared to the "street smart's" u need to have to be successful in life.
Okay if your dreamjob is to be a teacher, microbiologist or physicist then you need a college degree but if you want to be successful in sales, or an author or an entrepreneur than you don't need it.
most of the successful entrepreneurs who are millionairs and billionairs today are college dropout's some of them not even seen a college from the inside, but what makes them so successful.
They got real world education and connections, its all about connecting and sharing your experience in the real world.
And if you want to be succesfull, you need to read, you need to read alot and educate yourself.
I recommend "The education of millionairs" by Marc Ellsberg, especially the chapter about "give, give, give".

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Freitag, 30. Januar 2015

Shut up and do what your told.

In the last decade we where taught that we need to fit in. Fit in a system that's invented around the 1900's a system that's today more outdated than ever. But we are sticking to it because its the only way we know and its very scary to sail in uncharted territories, so we swallow the pain and keep on working. I always had the dream to become a famous guitar player and sing, but i didn't had the guts (or the talent) to stand up and say to the system "go to hell" I am stepping out. So I pleased my parents and grandparents. I tried a normal middleclass job, I really tried, I'd became an electrician, but soon I felt that wasn't working for me, I don't liked it very much and the money was not good enough to swallow the pain, so I quit and tried another job.
I joined the police academy, with the same result and suddenly something happens, like a click in my brain and i said to myself, that's enough! This is my life and ill do whatever I want to do with it.
A good friend told me that a local movie production was hiring new drivers for a new movie shoot, so I called them and asked for a job and viola I got it . I have to admit it was quite scary to leave the comfort of monthly steady payment and sail of into a new chapter. A chapter where I need to find a new project every month so i get paid, (movies are usually shot in 8-9 weeks and then,after u got paid they say thank you see u next year) but the payment is quite nice, 600 bugs per week for newbies and up to 2700 bugs per week for skilled crew members. But it is war! You need to stay focused and on top of your game, besides to connect to everyone you meet in this short period of time, because connections = new jobs = more money simple as that. Okay It sounds simple but it is quite hard during an 18 hour workday to connect to people on a human lvl besides the shop talk. But for somehow I managed it and after my first movie my name was already known to some other producers who I didn't know and on my last shooting day of my first movie (a spin off of a local crime tv series) I got a call from another production company who wanted me as a production assistant , which means in real world English : PROMOTION .. I got my first promotion after 8 weeks as a driver-newbie and I was so excited. But what does it mean? Should you now drop everything you worked for so far ? No definitely not, I thought about the decision I made more than 6 month's before I've done it. What it means is, when u feel unhappy in your life so far. Think about what you want to change to be happy again, if it is your job than do it , but keep in mind that every step u make, there is no going back from that and every step includes risks. But risks aren't a bad thing, everything you do involves some sort of risk, even when u cross the street in front of your house, the risk is that someone runs you over. My Dad always said to me, Living is deadly! And when u decide to take that risk than do it right. I'm not gonna lie, if u want to be successful sooner or later you need to take risk's and you need to fight for your success. You have to do it with all your passion or your gonna end up broke.

Take this with you. : Think, decide, do it!

Donnerstag, 29. Januar 2015

The 20min shutdown.

We are living in a racing world! Thats a fact, like the fact that in our fishmac isn't enough real fish to get us poisoned, but that's another story.
In the last decade our life's became so much faster than they used to be. If you are watching the news, you can be a 100% certain that the feed you get right now is already old and the new news are already waiting for you to get sucked in. Its literally a endless cycle and our brain is working overtime to process all the feed it gets from ads, newspapers, windowshopping, twitter, social media, email, and sms on your smartphone. A decade ago you where top informed when u read the news 2 times a day. Now you need to feed yourself 2 times an hour to stay up to date and it became so stressful for our mind to process all that feed so its no wonder that we feel restless and have no goodnight sleep anymore. Think about it, when was the last time you woke up and felt well rested and full of energy like u can start conquer the world right now.
So it becomes more and more valuable for our mind to get some rest. To restore his energy tanks and to process all the data from the day. But how do we do it when we can't even restore the energy we need in an 8-hour sleep. We need to force it. We need to force our mind to shutdown and reboot itself. I am not going to lie about it .. Its very difficult to really learn this technique but its a very, very valuable asset in our weaponry for success.

So, how do we start? It all starts with picking the right time for it, the time is depending on your day ,so everyone has his own "best time". For me, personally it is when my workday ends and my evening begins. But to prepare for this forced shutdown i drink my last coffee at least 2 hours before the shutdown needs to happen, because we all know what caffein does to us. At next i lay down on my couch, brew me a nice cup of tea, dim the lights, shut down my computer, tv, dvr, cellphone (it doesn't hurt to disconnect from the world for 20min) and i close my eyes. I need to say everyone develop his own technique but to shutdown everything around u is essentially for your reboot. Than i drink my tea and enjoy the silence, for exact 20min. Breathe, drink, enjoy! I try to set all thoughts aside (doesn't work every minute, because we are so used to think every possible second of the day, but it works) and after this 20min-shutdown a nice smooth alarm brings me back to life, I got the tweeting birds as my alarm because when u take, lets say Metallica it “backstresses” u in a second and we don't aim for stress. After that i feel so much more powerful than before. So if u feel restless and tired.. Try this technique .. It just cost u 20min of your day, not a cent more. 

Mittwoch, 28. Januar 2015

Why we are still sabotage us and our chances for success.

Chances are playing a big part in everyone's life. We have to deal with it every single day. When we go to work, what are the chances that our boss is in a bad mood?
On the way to the electronic market, what are the chances that the new Laptop is still on stock? What are the chances to win the lottery?
And what are my chances that she will like me, and perhaps one day, even love or marry me .. That brings me to the biggest game of chances in the history of humanity, Dating!.. Imagine you are sitting in your favorite coffee shop and zipping on tall-nonfat-latte with sprinkles on top, and then, suddenly you see this girl, she is sitting right there on the other end of the table and you catch her eye. You have a moment, right there in front of you. And then your brain kicks in and everything is going south. You start to think, should I go over there and talk to her? But what can I possibly say that interest her? And if she's already taken or says no because I'm not her type? Is she willing to go out with me? And if she's going out with me, maybe i'll blew it within the first seconds by making an inappropriate compliment.
You don't know yet. All you know is that the chance of failing is paralyzing you and keep's you from winning a date with a beautiful girl. Your chance in this scenario is a 100% that she's not going out with you but if u walk over the and ask her out you got a 50/50 chance that she will go out with you. 50/50 sounds not so bad at all, doesn't it?
I found myself in exact the same situation once, I saw a beautiful girl at my favorite coffee shop and we had that moment, when both of us catches the other ones eye, so I wrote down my number on a napkin, slipped it over to her, said “i have something for you” and walked away within a second. It took many hours and I started to think it was a failure, right at that moment my phone received a text from her. She wrote, that her name is Petra and she was so stunned that she was unable to say anything, she was overwhelmed by the gut's I had shown that morning. It turned out she was already taken but I count it as a success because we are friends now and I never had the chance of knowing her if I hadn't wrote down my number on that napkin.
Don't be afraid to fail. It happens, even to the best of the best, it happens to the greatest entrepreneurs and CEO's. (some of them started more then 3 businesses until they succeeded.)
Like Seth Godin, one of the most well known entrepreneurs and coaches for success worldwide, ( or Bryan Franklin (,he coaches CEO's and multimillion $ Companies, and he made more than 10$M with his coaching in success, Marketing and sales and everyone of them had failures in there life's but they learned how to take the failure and turn it into an advantage.
Failure is a part of life but it shouldn't prevent you from doing things and trying things. If every men would hesitate to ask a girl out, it would be bad news for humanity and we would be extinct within an blink of an eye.
So, don't let the possible chance of failing throwing you rock's on your path to happyness and don't let the fear of failing prevent u from starting things you want do to. Turn it into your advantage. What do u have to risk by asking her out, you got a 50/50 Chance to get a date with a beautiful girl.
For the Record, there are just 3 possible answers.
The first one is the one you are aiming for;
    1. “Yeah, sure I would like to go out with u.” (Chance of Failure 0%, she already said yes)
2. “I will think about it.” (Chance still 50/50)
3. “Oh I'm sorry I have a boy/girlfriend” (no Success this time BUT its not a total failure, because u asked her, the total failure would be to keep sitting in your chair and zipping your coffee until she walks out and u never see her again.)

So get up and take it in your own hands, make it happen even if you not actually talking to her but slipping her your number on a napkin, chances are still 50/50 to win and even if u loose sometimes, Keep going and you will definitely win.