Donnerstag, 5. Februar 2015

How i found my path to success

The last few days we've learned alot about business, but there is something that's even more rewarding than a successful business, that thing is called, happyness.
Every business is just as successful as the lvl of happyness of its owner.
A sad salesman will close way less sales as a motivated happy one, a troubled investor is likely to make the wrong decision about at least one of his investments.
So it is crucial to have a base in life.
I've learned it the hard way, after i got fired from my first job as an salesman in a gun store because of the big recession in 2008 everything started to go south, but very slowly so i have not seen it. I took many different job's but nothhing really worked out and i was hitting rock bottom very hard. During this time i earned 263€ per month but in order to live, i needed to spend at least 450€ per month just to survive and pay the rent, i made -187€ per month and i thought i never will break this toxic cycle.
But suddenly, i realized something, i realized that i cannot quit yet, that would be most cowardly thing i can possibly do, i need to fight for my life, if im going down it will be with flying colors, so i started aplying to jobs again.. It took nearly 90 applications but i finaly got the opppertunity to get into a program that would teach me to become an electrician.
I studied 8 hours during the day and additional 4 hours after sunset at home, i needed to pass a new test every 2 weeks, and we've got hundreds of pages to study for each test.
But i made it, i pased every single one of they'r tests and even when they wanted to fire me due to of my motorcycle accident (because i missed so many lessons during my 8 week recovery) i fought for it to stay on the program, so i see no reason, no reason at all, why you couldn't fight for your success too.
You just need to start your journey and i will help you with that, if you let me.

This was the day my race to success began, and i'm still in it.

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