Sonntag, 8. Februar 2015

Read or not to read ?... that's the 1 million $ question.

And the answer is quite simple, read!
There are so many very good books about success out there, but also many boks you can trash right away.
So i took the opportunity and wrote a list of books i highly reccomend and i can tell you, they work! Every single one of them work's and will bring you faster to success.
Over the next few days i will present you some of the most valuable books on the market.

The first book is "The education of millionairs" written by micheal ellsberg.
The thing about this book is, that every technique micheal teaches us in this book, he had tried out on his own life, with his whole carreer on the table.
It is a very well written and well researched work of art that will expand your view on marketing and success. The book is based on interviews michael made with high experienced and powerful mentor's and selfmade millionairs and billionairs.
If you can get your hands on, read it, its worth every page and every penny.

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