Mittwoch, 4. Februar 2015

How to create emotional value and make money with it.

Everything you do in life creates some sort of value, even failing creates what i call, negative value.
But most people don't focus on that sort of value, because it seems to be that that's the kind of value what is bad for us, but its quite the contrary, we can only learn from negative value because when you win, you win!
You reached your goal, but when you loose you realize that something hasn't worked right, otherwise you had won. But i don't want to focus in this post on the negative value your get from failing, instead i want to tell you something about the positive value you experience and give everyday.
You give value?
Yes yes do, even in situations you never expect to do so.
Imagine you are in a supermarket and you are waiting in an endless line at the cashier, you see that the girl behind the counter is totally pressured and stressed out to the max.
Now your right in front of her and you just giving her a smile, and now, for a second, the whole pressure she has on her shoulders caused by millions and millions of costumers that day, is gone. And she smiles back at you.
Now you gave her a very valuable gift, after her shift she will go home probably with a smile on her face and will tell her boyfriend how you saved her day.
Now she's the one creating the good kind of value and giving it to her boyfriend.

All that, caused by a simple smile at the cash desk.
That's a kind of value that sells and makes money, its called emotional value, good value, like the smile on the face of your customers and client's, because it will ensure that they'r definitely coming back and buy from you again.
Client's who will come back are the best client's you can possibly have, because they'r free client's you not have to pay for.
Wait a minute! Paying for my client's? I want them to pay ME money.
Yes that's true, BUT ( and this is a pretty big BUT)in order to get someone as your client you need to make some advirtising for your business in the first place and ad's aren't cheap.
For example, lets do a quick math, imagine you are a shoe maker and you don't have a single client yet, so you start a ad in your local newspaper that costs you 500€ for one day.
Now after the ad runs out, you recieved 10 customers in your shop and everyone buy's a pair of nice shoes for 100€, so practically you paid for every costumer in your shop 50€ worth of advirtising up front so they get to know you and pay you 100€ each in return, in form of buying shoes.
That means your profit on every new customer is 50€ instead of 100€, not even slightly compareable to a costumer who's coming back and you will get the whole profit of 100€ from him.
Let's get down to brass tacks, advirtising is important for every business such as it is equally important to keep everyone of you customers coming back.

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