Dienstag, 17. Februar 2015

The power of social media marketing

The newspaper ad once was the state of the art marketing tool, you could sell almost everything by writing an ad in your local newspaper.
Then, not so long ago, the tv-commercial was the marketing tool to go with, but, there is a new sherif in town.
His name is, social media. Since te invention of social media plattforms, marketers have a new battleground and a very powerful one. It cost's nothing to set up a site on facebook, twitter or youtube and it cost's almost the same to attract traffic to your site, why almost?
Because there is the possibility to pay for ads, so your site will appear in the top ranks of every search result on that particular social media plattform.
But be always aware to attract the right audience for your product, it doesn't help if your selling sledgehammer's  and show your ad to woman between 20-29 who are looking for make-up, its very unlikely that one of them is paying attention to your ad.
But if you use your powerful free tool wisely, then you will make a butt load of sell's in almost no time.
You see how powerful it is?

By the way, i am also on social media, visit me on twitter :)
Alexander Kessler

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