Dienstag, 3. Februar 2015

How to get the promotion you always wanted!

If you want to be successful and i think you want it more than anything, its important to stand out an you need to be indispensable and go the extra mile, in job as well in your private life.
It doesn't matter If you are working in a corporate job, in a tiny shoeh-store or you have already your own business.
If you want to make a change, or a difference that matters you need to standout, you need to do work that's not in your job description.
Who do you think your boss is giving the promotion you always wanted, your colleague who's just a good worker , always on time and nothing more, or you, who's remarkable, who go the extra mile and get the corporation more and better results.
So the thing is, you need to be indispensable for your company and if you have a business already you need to be outstanding for your client's so they will come back every time they're looking for a new product that you might have and even if you don't have it they will see other things they want and will keep buying.
But how to get remarkable besides doing work that's not in your job description (and if you still think you not want to go the extra mile, .... Quit reading)
Go to events hosted by your company, talk to your boss on such events and get to know him / her better so you can adjust your focus on what he wants from you besides doing your job.
And i don't talk about washing his corporate car...
Maybe he is frustrated about his wife, maybe because he has no wife anymore and you are a relationship master who is married for several years, than you can give him advice on something your are already successful in.
But this is something you must!!! Proceed with highest caution and sensibility, no buddy likes it when someone else starts to giving an uncalled advice on a topic that's painful.
So you need to have at least a little bit of communication skill's, let him come to you, maybe you can direct the conversation in a particular direction.
Do you see where this is heading?
Successful corporate CEO's are mostly struggling in at least one part of they're lives, that's the downside of the success, they're putting all of they're energy into the company, but that's not good for relationships.
And when you give him a solid, valuable advice maybe he brings his new girlfriend to the next event and I can tell you one thing, he will be always grateful to you and your advice and will ask you definitely again on such topic's.

So now you have a head-start. Turn it into your advantage ...

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